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1. I know of a site which isn't on your list, can you add it on please?


- Sure, just contact us and post the link and whether it is free, donation or pay



2. I know of a site in your list which has been deleted/doesn't exist anymore/has moved



- We'd love for you to contact us, and tell us the name of the site and/or the link to the site



3. I'd like to help out with keeping this site up to date, what should i do?


- First of all we'd love for you to help :) contact us and we'll sort something out



4. I'd like to affiliate with you, what should i do?


- Contact us and also link to the button of your site and i'll add it to the Affiliates page :) our button is on the Affiliates page



5. My question isn't answered here, what do i do?



- Contact us :D we'll be on it asap!


6. Can i make a banner and/or a button for you?


- Sure! I am bad at making banners and buttons and if i have enough different ones, i'll switch them round each month :) Just contact us with a link to the image!



7. How can i contact you?



- Visit the TSC forum and post in the guest area (or join :p) or send either me (Sheepy-Pie) or Ressu77 a PM.


Sites we are on:

MTS2 (both of us)

Sims2world (both of us)

Sims2luxury (Sheepy-Pie)

Simsafe2 (Ressu77)

Guitarzrockworld (Ressu77)

Insimenator (both of us, although Ressu77 will probably reply quicker as i dont visit often)

TSR (Ressu not Ressu77 at tsr)









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