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Sites in other languages and english

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Sites in other languages and english




! = Free

$$ = Paysite

£ = Donation items

$ = Paysite with some free stuff

* = Other sites

Adult content marked with a red symbol

(Language marked, if not English and +E if even a bit in English)





! Babbyebe sims (Chinese +E) http://www.happy8.com

$ Bobo-Sims (Chinese +E) http://www.bobosims.com

! My Sims World (Chinese +E) http://www.dlmy.com.tw/sim2

£ Nuggo (Chinese + E) http://www.nuggo.com/sims

! Sims2code (Chinese +E) http://www.sims2code.hk

! Sunair Sims (Chinese +E) http://sunairsims.enorth.com.cn

£ Xmsims (Chinese +E) http://xmsims.com




! Anita the sims 2 (Czech +E) http://www.anitathesims2.com

! Aquasims2 (Czech +E) http://www.aquasims2.com

! E sims (Czech +E) http://esims.eu/

! Happy Sims (Czech +E) http://sims.haasina.net

! Jany stránky o hrách The Sims a The Sims 2 (Czech +E) http://www.janystrankyosims.wz.cz

! Mony Sims (Czech +E) http://monysims2.wz.cz

! Sim Svet (Czech +E) http://www.simsvet.wbs.cz

! Sims2Fog (Czech +E) http://www.sims2fog.own.cz

! Zuli (Czech +E) Sims http://zulisims.wz.cz




! Bimbo sims 2 (Danish +E) http://bimbosims2.homestead.com

! Briher (Danish +E) http://www.briher.dk

! Sims2Net (Danish +E) http://sims2net.dk

! Sims 2 You (Danish +E) http://www.sims2you.dk/index.asp




! Bleak sims (Dutch +E) http://www.bleakdesigns.com/Sims

! Down 4 sims (Dutch +E) http://www.down4sims.com/

! Karin's sims 2 (Dutch +E) http://www.karinssims2.webbyen.dk/

! Lucky Sims2 (Dutch +E) http://luckysims2.simgames.net/

! Pico's multiwear sims 2 fashion (German, French, Dutch +E) http://sims2.picolink.nl/ 

£ Sims 2 Heaven (Dutch +E) http://www.thesims2heaven.page.tl

! Sims 2 land (Dutch +E) http://www.sims2land.be/downloads.htm




! Fennia Sims 2 (Finnish +E) http://www.freewebs.com/m618915

! Helons Sims (Finnish +E) http://helonssims2.webs.com

! Kuupan kutomo (Finnish +E) http://www.kuupankutomo.net/

! Radosims (Finnish +E) http://radosims.com




! Alice fashion (French +E) http://www.alicefashion.com

£ Around the Sims (French +E) http://aroundthesims.online.fr

! Crea sims (French +E) http://membres.lycos.fr/annaudrey/creasims

! Formule1Sims2 (French +E) http://formule1sims2.wifeo.com

! Izadora's sims (French +E) http://www.izadorasims.com/

! La Caverne d'Ali Sims (French +E) http://membres.lycos.fr/alisims

$$ Le SimsMag (French +E) http://www.simsmag.com


! Lurania (Italian, French, Russian, German +E) http://www.lurania.it/

! OpaleSims (French +E) http://www.opalesims-immo.fr.st/

! Opheliemimi (French +E) http://www.geocities.com/opheliemimi/

! OpheliemimiSims2 (French +E) http://www.geocities.com/opheliesims2/Enter.html

! Organza (French +E) http://organza.sims2.free.fr/ 

! Pico's multiwear sims 2 fashion (German, French, Dutch +E) http://sims2.picolink.nl/

£ Pronupsims (French +E) http://www.pronupsims.net/

£ Sims Designave (French +E) http://www.simsdesignavenue.net

! Sims Evening Dress 2 (French +E) http://simseveningdress2.free.fr

! Togage sims (French +E) http://tokage.d-factory.fr

! Toto & Nono (French +E) http://toto-et-nono.com/index.php

! Vava sims 2 (French +E) http://site.voila.fr/vavasims

£ Xuan sims (French +E) http://www.xuansims.be




! All 4 sims (German) http://www.all4sims.de

! Annas Reich (German + E) http://www.oepu.de

! Anything goes sims 2 (German +E) http://www.anything-goes-sims2.de.tt

! Bei Hügö (German +E) http://www.hugo.de

! Bine sims revue (German +E) http://www.binessimsrevue.de

£ Birgits Web (German +E) http://www.birgit43.de

£ Blacky's sims 2 zoo (German +E) http://www.blackypanther.de

! Casa d'arte (German +E) http://www.simsfan2.de/casadarte

! Cheekysims (German +E) http://www.cheekysims.de

! Christins - Villemare (German +E) http://christins-villemare.de

! Crazy sims (German +E) http://www.crazysims.at

! County cottage (German +E) http://www.countycottage.de

! Emotional sims (German +E) http://www.emotional-sims.net/

! Fairy forest (German +E) http://www.feenwald.de

! Fashion 2 sims (German +E) http://fashion2sims.de/

! Flake's simheaven (German +E) http://www.flake.ag.vu

! From heaven to hell (German + E) http://www.fromheaventohell.de

! Harmony sims 2 friend (German +E) http://www.harmonysims2friends.de

! Katzeonline (German +E) http://www.beepworld.de/members98/katzeonline

! Kehlchens Simsite (German +E) http://absturzde.ab.funpic.de

! KS Sims 2 (German +E) http://absturzde.ab.funpic.de

! Lurania (Italian, French, Russian, German +E) http://www.lurania.it/

! Meshkiste (German +E) http://www.meshkiste.de/

! Mr.X-Sims (German +E) http://mrxsims.mr.funpic.de/page.php?2

! My sims 2 (German +E) http://freenet-homepage.de/my-sims-2/index.htm

! NeoNeximS (German +E) http://www.neonexims.de/html/kl__weiblich_01.html

! Oldbox Home (German +E) http://oldbox.ol.funpic.de

! PG sims 2 (German +E) http://www.pg-sims2.at/index.html

! Pico's multiwear sims 2 fashion (German, French, Dutch +E) http://sims2.picolink.nl/

! Piggi's Sims (German +E) http://www.piggis-sims.net/

! Rado's sims (German +E) http://godsmacker.de.vu

! SelziSims (German +E) http://www.meilow.de/selzisims

! Sim2collage (German +E) http://www.sims2collage.de

! Sim 2 me (German +E) http://sim2me.de

£ Sim 2 fashion (German +E) http://www.sim2-fashion.de

$ Sim gedöehns (German +E) http://www.simgedoehns.de.vu/

! Simbuktu (German +E) http://www.simbuktu.de

! Simlischewelt (German +E) http://www.simlische-welt.de

! Sims In Style (German +E) http://simsinstyle.de

! Sims2.die-gerwerts (German +E) http://sims2.die-gerwerts.de

! Sims 2 crush (German +E) http://freenet-homepage.de/sims2crush/indexx.htm

! Sims 2 for simscorner (German+E) http://www.sims2-for-simscorner.com

! Sims 2 Hell (German +E) http://www.sims2hell.de.vu

! Sims 2 Marktplatz (German +E) http://www.sims2marktplatz.net/forum/home.php

! Sims2me (German +E) http://sim2me.de

! Sims 2 Mesh und Recolor (German +E) http://www.sims2-feeessen.de

£ Sims 4 Life (German +E) http://sims4life.de

! Simsfan2 (German +E) http://www.simsfan2.de

! Sims friends (German +E) http://www.simsfriendsclub.de.vu

! Simtimes (German +E) http://www.simtimes.de

! SimWorld (German +E) http://www.simworld.de/

! Smith Estate (German +E) http://www.apartmentlounge.de/

$ StudioB43 (German +E) http://www.birgit43.de/index.php

! Tarox (German +E) http://www.tarox4sims2.de

! Tantchen's Sims 2 (German +E) http://ninalg.ni.funpic.de

! TiffyMay (German + E) http://www.tiffymay.de

! Urban (Spanish German + E) http://urban.contagiouz.org

$ Wood for sims (German +E) http://www.woodforsims.de

£ Xsims (German +E) http://www.xsims.de

! Zaubersims (German +E) http://www.zaubersims.de.vu

! Zenobias sims 2 (German +E) http://www.zenobias-sims2-deko.de/cms/




! Adjiumi (Italian +E) http://www.adjiumi.it

! Angel sims (Italian +E) http://angelsims.altervista.org

! Eden style (Italian +E) http://www.edenstyle.it/

! EsseTiSimsRoyale (Italian +E) http://www.essetisimsroyale.com

! Lurania (Italian, French, Russian, German +E) http://www.lurania.it/

! Marylou's sims 2 world (Italian +E) http://www.marylousims2.it/

! Oniric's production (Italian +E) http://www.oniricsproduction.com/

! Ophelia Sims (Italian +E) http://www.opheliasims.com/

! ShopSims (Italian +E) http://www.shopsims.it




! 2nd Eden (Japanese +E) http://www.geocities.co.jp/Playtown/8731

! Avenida sims (Japanese + E) http://avenidasims.com

! BeingThere (Japanese +E) http://www.jctv.ne.jp/~sakura

! Blue print (Japanese +E) http://www.ao-syasin.com

! Corry's factory (Japanese +E) http://www4.big.or.jp/~sss-net/corry

! Dedital Sheep Bower (Japanese +E) http://deditalsheep.bitter.jp

! Doll House.jp (Japanese +E) http://dollhouse.raindrop.jp

! Happy honey hunt (Japanese +E) http://happyhh.s82.xrea.com

! Loco-plus (Japanese +E) http://loco-plus.xrea.jp/

! Pumpking-sims (Japanese +E) http://www.blackversion.com/p-sims

* Sims Islands (Japanese +E) http://sims-islands.but.jp

! Sims 2 Gara's boutique (Japanese +E) http://www.geocities.jp/garapon9/garasim2index.html

! Sims2Libido (Japanese +E) http://www51.tok2.com/home/sims2libido

! Sims Islands (Japanese +E) http://sims-islands.but.jp

! Sims pit (Japanese +E) http://simspit.s41.xrea.com/

! Vamp-Life (Japanese +E) http://blog.plaync.jp/vamplife.slog




$ Asamo (Korean +E) http://sims.top.to

! Dalgu's House (Korean +E) http://blog.naver.com/elegant1213

! etoon online (Korean +E) http://etoon-online.com

! Jellysims (Korean +E) http://jellysims.da.to

! Kokai (Korean +E) http://www.penkokai.com

! Patina (Korean +E) http://patina.nayou.net/pmain.html

£ Raojenasims2 (Korean +E) http://raonsims.com

! Sims artists union (Korean +E) http://simsartistsunion.com

! Tomang homme (Korean +E) http://raspi.oolim.net




! Alphasims (Norwegian +E) http://www.alphasims.com

! Bimbo sim (Norwegian +E) http://bimbosim.homestead.com





! Anez's sim dreams (Polish +E) http://www.simdreams.cba.pl

! Sims 2 Design (Polish + E) http://forum.sims2design.pl




! The sims 2 Elitte (Portuguese + E) http://thesims2elitte.kinghost.net 




! All skins (Russian +E) http://allskins.stormway.ru

! Fashion Is Back In Sims 2 (Russian +E) http://www.fibis2.com

$ GameIsland (Russian +E) http://gameisland.ru/

! Helga sims (Russian +E) http://www.helgasims.com

! Lurania (Italian, French, Russian, German +E) http://www.lurania.it/

! Mythesims2 (Russian +E) http://www.mythesims2.narod.ru

! Photosims2 (Russian +E) http://aikawarazu.narod.ru/MENUen.html

! Sims 2 Ellis (Russian +E) http://sims2ellis.h15.ru

! Sims 2 Play (Russian +E) http://sims-2.gameslife.ru

! Sims by kittyboom (Russian +E) http://sims-by-kittyboom.narod.ru/index.html

! Super sims (Russian +E) http://supersims.boom.ru


! The sims 2 (Russian +E) http://sims2ellis.narod.ru

! The sims 2 ellis (Russian +E) http://sims2ellis.h15.ru




! Beta sims (Spanish +E) http://www.betasims.com.ar

! Casas, cosas, sims (Spanish +E) http://casas-cosas-sims.com

! Chido's sims (Spanish +E) http://weba5.tripod.com/chidosims.htm

! Lo sims 2 (Spanish +E) http://www.losims2.info

! Maripy sims (Spanish +E) http://maripysims.hostpana.com.ar/index2.htm

! Sky sims 2 (Spanish +E) http://www.skysims2.com

! Urban (Spanish German + E) http://urban.contagiouz.org




! XETsims (Swedish +E) http://www.xetsims.be 





! MySims (Turkish +E) http://www.mysims.org




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